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Solution Partner​
Platform Partner​
Referral Partner

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As an agyleOS partner, you become part of a global agile alliance and you can help your customers even better in successful agile transformation. Expand your own portfolio and know-how on an organizational level.

Solution Partner

Solution Partner

As a Solution Partner you create, manage and scale your customers' organization based on agyleOS. Whether team, squat, or the whole organization. You will become an expert in setting up, managing and supporting your customers with agyleOS. All activities around agyleOS you will bill your customer yourself. You will receive training, workshops and help from agyleOS. We take care of advertising and additional leads for you.

Platform Partner

Integrate your software solution as a partner in the agyleOS platform. With this approach you can win new customers for your solution and offer them an added value through agyleOS. You can easily connect your solution to agyleOS via API interfaces and develop it further.

Platform Partner
Referral Partner

Referral Partner

Recommend agyleOS to customers and receive an attractive commission for it. You don't need any deeper aglyeOS competences and we take care of the customer service for you. The only thing you have to do is to initiate contact and win the customer together with us.

Partner Benefits

Agile Community
Bring your logo and brand to life with customer success stories, social media tools and shared logo materials together with agyleOS. We are part of a large agile community.
Sustainable Transformation
Use the unique agile software platform of agyleOS to guarantee your customers the desired success in agile transformation.
Extend Your Service
They can expand your product portfolio, e.g. your consulting business, with a unique software product for agile organizations.
Joint Marketing
Joint marketing activities for better visibility in the agile community and market.
Sales Expansion
Through an extended service portfolio you can make more revenue and have more satisfied customers.
Training & Support
Customized training and onboarding make you an expert in consulting, implementing and managing agyleOS for your customers.

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