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Our Journey: How It All Began

The inception of agyleOS is a tale of innovation and dedication. Our founders, having spent years in a different organization, pioneered agile and self-organized working methods. They built an organizational structure rooted in skills and competency, always represented visually. Company, department, and team objectives were transparently displayed on office walls, updated regularly for all to see. Each team maintained a Skill Matrix, proactively identifying and addressing skill gaps. Frequent employee surveys gauged the organizational culture, and every team had its own boards to transparently track relevant KPIs. Emphasis was always on psychological safety, which was both prioritized and measured. A public Kudo Wall allowed employees to express their appreciation for one another. These methods, a blend of analog displays and various software tools, laid the foundation for a grand vision. Post-pandemic, as the work landscape transformed, the need for agile, skill-based organizational structures and cultures became essential for all companies. Thus, agyleOS was born: a software solution to build and manage a skill-based organization.

Our Work Ethos: Embracing Agility and Remote Collaboration

At agyleOS, we embody self-organization, agility, and full-remote operations. Our team, distributed globally, synchronizes through our proprietary tool, housing all vital information accessible anytime – from organizational structure and survey results to skill inventories, goals, Kudo Wall, roles, and team members. We embrace flat hierarchies, with each member holding multiple roles across various teams. Our product development predominantly involves daily sprints, deploying small software increments in short iterations. English is our lingua franca, although the majority of our team is currently based in Berlin, where our company is registered.

Our Core Values: Diversity, Trust, and Social Responsibility

At the heart of agyleOS is a profound commitment to diversity. We believe diversity is not just beneficial but necessary for innovative work. Trust, both in ourselves and amongst each other, is the foundation of our operations. Environmental sustainability is a value we hold dear, guiding our practices and decisions. We stand firmly against racism, antisemitism, sexism, and homophobia, ensuring these values are reflected in our hiring process. Our software is not provided to industries or entities that conflict with our ethics, such as the pornography industry, extremist political parties, or those involved in warfare and arms trading.



HR can have so much impact on addressing structural racism in organizations. That's why we support the Love HR, hate Racism! initiative.

Join Our Team!

We are always looking for enthusiastic and passionate team members to be a part of our journey. We would be happy to receive your unsolicited application at

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