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Introduction to agyleOS

Welcome! We have recorded some videos to help you discover our platform.

Quick platform overview

Get a first overview of our People and Culture Platform.

The future of People & Culture arrived

Build and visualize a skills-based organization with a collaborative culture

Build and visualize your organization

Build beautiful and powerful interactive org charts that help you understand your organization.

Skill Management

Filter by levels and colors. Easy. Powerful. Beautiful. 😇 Identify skill gaps in your teams and build teams based on skill sets and competencies.

Skill-based Roles

Define required skills for every role and get real-time information about potential fits. Explore how you can apply skills-based roles.

Employee engagement

Explore our tools to drive your employee engagement.

Platform walkthrough

Lean back and enjoy exploring our all-in-one People and Culture Platform for modern organizations.

Interactive Org Charts

Easily visualize, develop and share organizational structures with dynamic and interactive org charts. Elevate collaboration and transparency with our interactive drag-and-drop Org Chart Tool.

Employee Surveys

Unlock the full potential of your workforce with our cutting-edge Employee Survey System. Elevate your employee engagement and foster a workplace built on trust and transparency.

Kudo Wall

Unlock Team Brilliance with our Online Kudo Wall! Discover the power of our cutting-edge Kudo Wall, designed to elevate your remote team's performance and foster a culture of appreciation.

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