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Mister Sandman
PHAT Consulting
Mister Sandman

Revolutionize your hiring process and supercharge your recruitment with skills gap analyses

Skills gap analyses empower smarter hiring decisions by identifying the right talent, saving time and driving success.

Build an organization around skills and become more resilient to changes ahead.

Achieve organizational excellence and unlock employee potential through skills gap analyses

A Skills gap analysis is the key to elevating your organization's performance by pinpointing areas for improvement and unleashing the full potential of your people.

Future-proofing your people for tomorrow's jobs with proactive skills gap assessments

Prepare your workforce for the jobs of the future by taking proactive measures to assess and bridge skills gaps, ensuring your organization's readiness for upcoming challenges and opportunities.

Unlock staff expertise and inspiring growth with skills gap insights

Gain valuable insights into your staff's expertise and ignite a culture of continuous learning and development within your organization.

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Skill Matrix Tool

How to Assess Skill Gap with agylOS?

Skill Heat Maps at Your Fingertips

Our cutting-edge tool takes the data collected and transforms it into skill heat maps, giving you a visual representation of each employee's and team's strengths and weaknesses.

Instantly identify skill gaps, prioritize development areas, and create a roadmap for growth that aligns with goals.

AI-Powered Skill Gap Analysis

Delve deeper into employee profiles using our powerful AI technology.

Our tool analyzes the data, identifies skill gaps, and provides actionable recommendations to bridge those gaps.

Seamlessly navigate through their profiles and effortlessly export the skill gaps, saving you time and effort.

Effortless Reporting and Sharing

Our user-friendly interface allows you to generate comprehensive reports with ease.

Share the skill gap analysis results with stakeholders, managers, and employees.

Drive targeted skill development initiatives to empower your organization with actionable insights for future success.

360 Degree Skill Feedback

Gaining valuable insights starts with our comprehensive 360-degree feedback system.

We enable you to collect feedback from multiple perspectives, providing a well-rounded understanding of your employee's skills.

Uncover hidden talents, identify strengths, and lay the foundation for a targeted skills gap analysis.

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Build and visualize a skills-based organization with a collaborative culture

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Skills Gap Analysis

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Dr. Martin Hofmannfmr CIO Volkswagen Group
I know the founder team of agyleOS very well. There is hardly anyone with more expertise in building agile organizations. We at Volkswagen have also benefited from this experience. This is exactly the right team to develop an agile operating system for all companies.
Dr. Elke Ellerfmr Member of the Executive Board / HR and Labour Director at TUI Group
TUI Group
I have not yet seen any HR software that meets the vision of agyleOS: a platform that helps companies transforming into a truly agile organization. This will be a great support for any digitalization strategy.
Markus JarreDirector Communications @ lead link
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agyleOS provides us with the necessary tools to visualise our future-oriented corporate structure in a transparent and appealing way.
Skill Gap Analysis UI
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What is the skills gap analysis?

A Skills gap analysis compares current skills to desired skills for specific goals or job standards.

It involves evaluating current skills, identifying desired skills, and creating plans to close the gap.

The Skills gap analysis is helpful in areas like workforce development, employee training, career planning, and organizational improvement.

It ensures that skills align with organizational goals and individual aspirations.

How to identify skills gaps with the skills gap analysis tool?

The Skills gap analysis is a systematic process that identifies differences between current skills and skills needed for specific goals using specialized tools like agyleOS.

To start this process effectively, you must begin by clearly defining your objectives and the skills you aim to target.

Afterwards, use agyleOS, the skill matrix tool, to continue the analysis.

The next step involves collecting relevant data, which you can gather through skill assessments.

Once you have the data at hand, the analysis phase comes into play, allowing you to identify gaps between current skills and the skills required.

It's essential to prioritize these gaps based on their significance and potential impact. After that, let's develop personalized action plans for skill enhancement.

These plans should encompass tailored approaches for bridging the identified skill gaps.

Implementation is crucial, and monitoring progress is equally important to ensure effectiveness.

Gathering feedback and assessing the results is a vital part of the skills gap analysis. Continuous process improvement is crucial for developing skills in the organization.

Which is more effective for skill mapping: a skills gap analysis tool or Excel/Google Sheets?

Using dedicated skills gap analysis tools like agyleOS is more comprehensive than using Excel or Google Sheets for skill mapping and assessment.

agyleOS is designed with specialized features and templates for the task, making them more efficient and accurate.

It automates data collection, analysis, and reporting, reducing the risk of errors and saving time.

Integration with HR systems and other data sources ensures real-time updates and greater accuracy.

Tools like agyleOS, as a skill management software, simplify skills gap assessment by providing visual representations. They can be customized to align with an organization’s specific needs and goals and are more scalable for handling larger datasets.

Their user-friendly interfaces make them accessible to a broader range of users.

While basic skill mapping can be done in Excel or Google Sheets, dedicated skills gap analysis tools offer a more comprehensive and effective solution for managing and analyzing skill data in organizations.

What is the best skills gap analysis tool for HR teams?

agyleOS is the ideal skills gap analysis tool for HR teams across organizations of all sizes.

When selecting a tool for skills gap analysis, ease of use is paramount, and agyleOS excels in this aspect with its user-friendly and intuitive design. agyleOS is the ultimate choice for a skills gap analysis tool that quickly generates skill heat maps.

Its user-friendly interface and efficient design make creating skill heat maps for your team a breeze.

With agyleOS, talent management becomes simpler as it offers visual insights into your workforce without requiring extensive training or setup time.

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