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PHAT Consulting
Mister Sandman
PHAT Consulting
Mister Sandman

Empower your team's competency with our streamlined skill tracking tool

Use our skill-tracking tool to create a skills-based organization with high-performing teams that can tackle any challenge and ensure the right people are in the right roles.

Build a team skill matrix through effective search and reporting

Unlock skill insights, foster trust, and speed up team growth with robust search and reporting.

Skill mapping aids in project planning by understanding your team’s capabilities for future projects.

Customize the skill matrix to your needs

Quickly build a dynamic skills database and keep real-time competency insights with our customizable skill heat map software.

Customize your solution to align with your unique organizational needs, empowering people's development.

Real-time assessment and dynamic skill monitoring

Enhance employee retention by managing both hard and soft skills through real-time 360-degree skill feedback facilitated by feedback sessions, fostering a collaborative and engaging culture.

Free Support
Free Support
Individual career planning
Individual Career Planning
360 Degree Skill Feedback
360 Degree Skill Feedback
Skills Gap Analysis
Skills Gap Analysis
Team Topologies
Team Topologies
Customizable Surveys
Customizable Surveys
Department Performance
Department Performance Overview
Skill Progress Visualization
Skill Progress Visualization
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Build and visualize a skills-based organization with a collaborative culture

How agyleOS empowers your organization

Skill Management

Drive Employee Development

Interactive Org Charts

Get a clear picture of your organization

360 Degree Skill Feedback

Build a thriving feedback culture

Kudo wall

Unlock Team Brilliance with Kudo Cards

Skills Gap Analysis

Understand and grow your employees' skills

Skill Matrix

Visualize and manage your teams' skills

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Dr. Martin Hofmannfmr CIO Volkswagen Group
I know the founder team of agyleOS very well. There is hardly anyone with more expertise in building agile organizations. We at Volkswagen have also benefited from this experience. This is exactly the right team to develop an agile operating system for all companies.
Dr. Elke Ellerfmr Member of the Executive Board / HR and Labour Director at TUI Group
TUI Group
I have not yet seen any HR software that meets the vision of agyleOS: a platform that helps companies transforming into a truly agile organization. This will be a great support for any digitalization strategy.
Markus JarreDirector Communications @ lead link
Square Leadlink
agyleOS provides us with the necessary tools to visualise our future-oriented corporate structure in a transparent and appealing way.
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What is skill matrix software?

A skill matrix tool is a digital solution that assists organizations in managing and tracking their workforce's skills and competencies.

It provides a structured way to collect, assess, and visualize the skill sets of employees within the organization. agyleOS, as a skill management software, creates skill profiles for employees, showing their proficiency in various skills.

HR and talent management can use this data for workforce planning, performance evaluation, and talent development.

It helps organizations make informed decisions about skill development, training, resource positions, and succession planning.

Is a skill matrix software only for agile teams?

No, a skill matrix software is not exclusively for agile teams. Agile teams and flexible organizations can benefit from it, but any type of organization can use it.

A skill matrix software is valuable for any organization that wants to manage and develop its workforce efficiently.

It assists with workforce planning, talent development, performance evaluation, resource allocation, succession planning, compliance management, among other tasks.

These functions apply to organizations of various sizes, industries, and work styles, not just agile teams.

A skill matrix software is a tool for enhancing workforce management and ensuring that employees' skills are aligned with goals, which is essential for business success in any context.

Why should companies use skill matrix tools?

Skill matrix tools are the linchpin for organizations aiming to optimize their workforce.

With agyleOS, workforce planning becomes more streamlined, leading to cost savings through efficient skill allocation and reduced downtime.

They help develop talent by running skill gap assessments, showing areas of strength, providing specific training suggestions, and improving team performance by enhanced self-organization.

Skill matrices improve performance evaluations, resource allocation, and succession planning.

They aid in compliance management, cultivate employee engagement, and enable data-driven decision-making.

These tools are crucial for creating self-organized and skills-focused organizations in today's competitive environment.

What are the benefits of a skill matrix software for HR?

Not only HR managers but also other C-levels and managers benefit from skill matrix software solutions, as it saves costs through streamlined workforce planning and resource allocation.

Moreover, it serves as an ideal tool to enhance self-organization across teams which results in cost savings over time.

Analyzing the reports aids managers in identifying areas for skill improvement and career advancement, even though the software doesn't provide training directly.

Skill matrix data enhances objective performance evaluations, ensuring assessments are fair and accurate.

HR can use this data for succession planning and identifying potential successors for critical roles.

It aids in compliance management, cultivates employee engagement, and empowers data-driven decision-making.

Which is more effective for skill mapping: a skill heat map tool or Excel/Google Sheets?

The choice between a skill heat map tool and Excel or Google Sheets for skill mapping depends on your specific needs.

Skill heat map tools provide detailed analysis and comprehensive visualizations, while Excel or Google Sheets are more versatile but may need manual work for complex mapping.

Skill matrix tools have unique features for skill mapping, workforce planning, and talent development, unlike Excel and Google Sheets.

Unlike dedicated skill matrix tools, which offer advanced functionalities and automation for skill mapping, workforce planning, and talent development, Excel and Google Sheets are only capable of basic skill tracking.

Skill matrix tools track skills, find gaps, and assist with performance evaluations.

Excel and Google Sheets need manual work for complex mapping.

Overall, skill matrix tools are more effective for in-depth skill management and development.

What is the best skill matrix tool for HR teams?

agyleOS is a user-friendly skill matrix tool for HR teams in companies of all sizes.

When choosing skill matrix tools, ease of use is essential, and agyleOS stands out with its user-friendly and intuitive design.

If you are looking for a skill matrix tool that provides a comprehensive skill heat map in just a few minutes, agyleOS is the best choice.

It's easy to create skill heat maps for your team because of its user-friendly interface and efficient design.

agyleOS helps you understand your workforce's capabilities visually, making talent management easier without a steep learning curve or time-consuming setup.

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