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Employee Survey System: Cultural Health Checks for a resilient company culture

Unlock the full potential of your workforce with our cutting-edge Employee Survey System. At agyleOS, we provide state-of-the-art tools designed to monitor and enhance the cultural health of your organization. Elevate your employee engagement and foster a workplace built on trust and transparency.

Future-oriented organizations trust our platform
PHAT Consulting
Mister Sandman
PHAT Consulting
Mister Sandman

Customized Surveys Catered to Your Distinct Requirements

Run custom surveys on your desired frequencies, adapting to the rhythm of your organization.

Collect candid feedback anonymously, empowering your teams to share their thoughts openly.

Boost Employee Engagement

Discover the power of employee surveys as a tool to skyrocket engagement.

By listening to your employees, you lay the foundation for a culture that propels your organization to new heights.

Transparent Organizational Development

Display survey results seamlessly on your organization's dashboards, promoting transparency in your developmental journey.

Keep your teams informed and engaged in the evolution of your organization.

Visualize Cultural Insights

Navigate the cultural landscape of your teams effortlessly with our interactive org chart.

Visualize survey results in the context, making the cultural state of your teams tangible and actionable.

Dynamic Survey Comparison to Unveil Progress Over Time

Effortlessly gauge organizational developments over time and compare individual teams’ or departments’ situations with agyleOS.

Our survey comparison feature allows you to discern progress, identify outliers, and track target achievements.

Gain unparalleled insights into the dynamics of your organization's evolution.

Why should I choose agyleOS?

Resilient Company Culture

Build a resilient organization poised for success by nurturing a culture of trust and transparency.

Customizable Surveys

Tailor surveys to address your organization's unique challenges and opportunities.

User-Friendly Interface

Navigate our system with ease, making the survey process efficient and enjoyable for both administrators and participants.

Scientific Precision

Benefit from survey templates backed by scientific research, ensuring accuracy and relevance.

The future of People & Culture arrived

Build and visualize a skills-based organization with a collaborative culture

How agyleOS empowers your organization

Skill Management

Drive Employee Development

Interactive Org Charts

Get a clear picture of your organization

360 Degree Skill Feedback

Build a thriving feedback culture

Kudo wall

Unlock Team Brilliance with Kudo Cards

Skills Gap Analysis

Understand and grow your employees' skills

Skill Matrix

Visualize and manage your teams' skills

Employee Survey

Cultural Health Checks for a resilient company culture

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Organizational Culture

Foster a positive and prospering work environment

Dr. Martin Hofmannfmr CIO Volkswagen Group
I know the founder team of agyleOS very well. There is hardly anyone with more expertise in building agile organizations. We at Volkswagen have also benefited from this experience. This is exactly the right team to develop an agile operating system for all companies.
Dr. Elke Ellerfmr Member of the Executive Board / HR and Labour Director at TUI Group
TUI Group
I have not yet seen any HR software that meets the vision of agyleOS: a platform that helps companies transforming into a truly agile organization. This will be a great support for any digitalization strategy.
Markus JarreDirector Communications @ lead link
Square Leadlink
agyleOS provides us with the necessary tools to visualise our future-oriented corporate structure in a transparent and appealing way.
Mitarbeiterbefragungen UI
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Why should companies use an employee survey system?

An Employee Survey System, such as agyleOS, is a powerful tool designed to monitor and enhance the cultural health of organizations.

It allows businesses to run surveys on custom frequencies, collect anonymous feedback, and boost employee engagement.

Implementing such a system is crucial for building a resilient organization by fostering trust, transparency and open communication among teams.

Discover how seamlessly integrating employee skills into your organizational strategy with our interactive skill matrix can further enhance your employee engagement and boost your team's capabilities.

Explore our skill matrix software for a comprehensive approach to talent and growth.

How does the agyleOS Employee Survey System promote transparency in organizational development?

agyleOS promotes transparency in organizational development by seamlessly displaying survey results on dashboards.

This feature enhances visibility into the feedback received, facilitating informed decision-making and promoting an open and transparent workplace culture.

Can I customize surveys with agyleOS, and how does it cater to unique organizational needs?

Absolutely! agyleOS empowers users to customize surveys to address specific organizational needs.

With the flexibility to run surveys on custom frequencies and the option to create custom surveys, organizations can tailor the system to their unique challenges and opportunities, ensuring a personalized and effective approach.

What sets agyleOS apart with its scientifically backed survey templates for employee engagement?

agyleOS stands out with its scientifically backed survey templates, developed in collaboration with researchers.

These template include questionnaires about psychological safety and the agile mindset and provide a level of precision and relevance that goes beyond generic surveys, ensuring that organizations gather insightful data on employee engagement.

The integration of scientific insights sets agyleOS apart as a comprehensive solution for organizations aiming to elevate their workplace culture.

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