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How agyleOS empowers your organization

Skill Matrix

Visualize and manage your teams' skills

Interactive Org Charts

Get a clear picture of your organization

360 Degree Skill Feedback

Build a thriving feedback culture

Kudo wall

Unlock Team Brilliance with Kudo Cards

Skills Gap Analysis

Understand and grow your employees' skills

Competency Management

Continuous learning and development

Employee Survey

Cultural Health Checks for a resilient company culture

Features of agyleOS

Power of Flexibility: Our Modular System for Companies of Every Scale

  • Small Businesses

    Streamline Operations and Accelerate Growth

  • Mid-Sized Businesses

    Enhance Efficiency and Drive Innovation

  • Large Enterprises

    Achieve Operational Excellence and Enhance Decision-Making

Future-oriented organizations trust our platform
PHAT Consulting
PHAT Consulting

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try agyleOS before paying?

Sure! You can experience the benefits of agyleOS without any obligation by taking advantage of our non-binding 14-day trial. No credit card is required to participate in the trial.

Is the setup for free?

No surprises. No setup fees. No hidden charges. just transparent pricing that you can count on.

Can I ask for more modules at a later time?

Yes, you can definitely ask for more modules at a later time. Our platform is agile and can be customized to fit your specific needs at any time.

Is my data safe within agyleOS?

Our utmost concern is the security of your data. Discover more about our privacy and policy protocols.

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