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agyleOS, the operating system for agility, people & culture

agyleOS connects HR with all teams and stakeholders in one central people & agility platform. It is a place where self-organization is holistically supported and promoted, and the planning and collaboration of agile teams is simplified.

All basic people management tasks are mapped in a platform where teams co-develop and agility is actively shaped.
Agile Coaches
The topic of agility is given a home and the work of agile coaches is integrated into the design of the organization.
Self-organization is supported with the necessary tools and all relevant information for individuals and teams is centrally available.
The agile organization gets a face and it is always visible whether the company goals are being achieved.

Visualize, manage and develop your people, agility & culture

Visualize your agile organization and measure the maturity of agility using the KPIs agility, remote and diversity Levels. Purpose & vision, strategy and business goals are visible via OKRs.
Edit your agile framework and track the evolution of the organizational structure over time. Manage all employees with the digital personnel file and conduct regular surveys.
Enable individual growth through 360° feedback. Show possible development paths through skill matrixes and roles. Promote continuous improvement of teams through retros.

I know the founder team of agyleOS very well. There is hardly anyone with more expertise in building agile organizations. We at Volkswagen have also benefited from this experience. This is exactly the right team to develop an agile operating system for all companies.

Dr. Martin Hofmann
Dr. Martin Hofmann
fmr CIO Volkswagen Group

I have not yet seen any HR software that meets the vision of agyleOS: a platform that helps companies transforming into a truly agile organization. This will be a great support for any digitalization strategy.

Dr. Elke Eller
Dr. Elke Eller
Member of the Executive Board / HR and Labour Director at TUI Group

The global agile community has long been waiting for a software platform that helps agile companies to build & scale an agile organization. You can see that the founders have put their years of experience from a fully agile company into the product.

Jan Fischbach
Jan Fischbach
Keynote Speaker & Initiator of famous "Scrum Days"-Event with Jeff Sutherland

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