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Digital Transformation Services

Creating Value is our North Star

We live and love tech. That's also what is representing in our own product we built - agyleOS.

Our expertise ranges from organizational strategy, agile transformation and product over to software engineering, architecture and data. Through the combination of the various aspects we covering the whole bandwidth of tech and digitalization.

Thus, we are seeing technical and organizational challenges holistically as we have the full view on a given problem statement.

IT-Management and Business Strategy

IT-Management and Business Strategy

Instead of just offering theoretical advices and handing over blue prints about how to improve certain business approaches, we are offering tangible value.

We can build on years of practical experience in building tech companies and products. That includes optimizing business processes, architectural decisions, building company culture with the overall goal to offer real value to your customers.

Agile Transformation and Coaching

Apart from our agile People & Culture Platform agyleOS, we are there to support and guide you on your journey to become agile and beyond.

From facilitating workshops, coaching internal peers and help them building knowledge and long-term consulting with our hands-on mentality, we are as flexible as we need to be to set up the needed consultative approach for your organization

Agile Transformation and Coaching


As we are experts in tech ranging from DevOps/Infrastructure to Software Engineering (Web, Mobile, Architecture), we come up with tailored solutions for you.

Whether building initial MVPs or PoCs, covering shortcuts on your engineering resources long or short-term, our consultants can deliver the outcomes you are expecting. In that sense we are strong ambassadors of multi-modal consulting approaches: remote, on-site support in your teams or hybrid solutions.

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