Skill Management

Boost your organization with our powerful and beautiful skill management. Build a strong foundation for a skills-based organization.

Skill Matrix

Filter by skill level. Simple. Powerful. Beautiful. Identify skill gaps in your teams and develop your teams based on skills.

Skill Heat Map

Search for any skill and visualize the skill distribution throughout your organization. Enable skills-based organisational development with this visualization.

The future of People & Culture arrived

Build and visualize a skills-based organization with a collaborative culture

Skill-based Roles

Define required skills for each role and get real-time information about potential candidates for the roles. This skills-based approach simplifies your employees' career and growth plans.

Skill and Role Goals

Set skill goals and understand where you are heading and what actions to take in order to grow. Make skills the backbone of your learning and development. Derive upskilling and reskilling plans.

On-the-fly 360 degree feedback on skills

Out with the time-consuming and annoying feedback systems. With our advanced 360 degree feedback system you can easily gather peer review on skills and build the perfect foundation for feedback talks.

agyleOS provides us with the necessary tools to visualise our future-oriented corporate structure in a transparent and appealing way.

Markus Jarre
Markus Jarre
Director Communications @ lead link

I know the founder team of agyleOS very well. There is hardly anyone with more expertise in building agile organizations. We at Volkswagen have also benefited from this experience. This is exactly the right team to develop an agile operating system for all companies.

Dr. Martin Hofmann
Dr. Martin Hofmann
fmr CIO Volkswagen Group

I have not yet seen any HR software that meets the vision of agyleOS: a platform that helps companies transforming into a truly agile organization. This will be a great support for any digitalization strategy.

Dr. Elke Eller
Dr. Elke Eller
fmr Member of the Executive Board / HR and Labour Director at TUI Group

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