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From an hierarchical organization chart to an agile framework

On-Demand Webinar (in German)

For many decades, hierarchical management and decision-making structures were established in organisations and companies. For a long time, these were the structural foundation for success.

The increasing globalisation of markets, the digitalisation of the world and many other issues have fundamentally changed the dynamics and pace of new developments and innovations. Everyone is now trying to do justice to this (constant) change and, in the best case, use it to their advantage. Often, classical organisational structures cannot do justice to this market environment anymore and so, the structural face of a company must also face this scrutiny and it is clear that much of what has been tried and tested over the years has become obsolete.

But what will a company of the future look like? What will take the place of the previous organisational charts and boxes stacked on top of each other?

We talked about this in our webinar and shared some of our experiences. Feel free to listen to the recorded webinar!

What questions will we discuss?

  • What are the compelling circumstances that lead to rethinking?
  • What are the fundamental paradigm shifts that need to take place?
  • How does this affect a company?
  • What takes the place of a classic organigram?

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